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The film Twilight of a life enables to reveal important and essential aspects that are related to the elderly and the world of old people in a way that is optimistic, original, creative and full of humor, poetry and hope.

The French-speaking film (with English and Hebrew subtitles) of 70 minutes length (or 52 minutes, alternatively) is suitable for screening for the elderly and their families, students, company employers etc., in a framework of given seminars, and as a supplement to professionals in the field of welfare, therapy and healthcare, and in cultural/artistic events.


Select the suitable screening type:

Film screening and a conversation with the Director

There is an option of having a structured discourse of questions/answers with the audience, or leading a discussion after the screening as a therapeutic process that accompanies the film-making as part of the confrontation with old age and separation.


Film screening and Jacques Brel's Songs Show

After watching the film the director will perform Jacques Brel's songs while talking about the creative process.

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